About Quiver’s Corsets

All our corsets are designed and made in the UK, with an excellent provenance. They are all steel boned and busked, front fastening and back lacing, with a cotton lining and are made by hand to the highest specifications.

Selecting the right size of corset. As a general rule, take your waist measurement in inches then subtract four (standard) to six (waist training) inches from it. For example:

34 arrow  30
32 arrow  28
30 arrow  26
28 arrow  24
26 arrow 22
24 arrow 20

If you cannot find your size in the selection for sale on our site, do call us on 01223 357705 or email sales@quivercompany.co.uk  as we may be able to make or otherwise source the required item.

Wearing your corset

  • Ensure that the laces are loosened fully before putting on or taking off the corset; not doing so will put unnecessary strain on the busk fastenings.
  • When fastening the busk, it is best to start from the bottom and work upwards.
  • For best results, tighten the laces until the corset is fitting snugly but still comfortable, and then leave for half an hour. This allows the fabric to ‘give’ and mould better to the shape of the body. After this time, tighten as necessary.
  • Corset liners can be worn to protect the corset from sweat and odours.


    • To store the corset, loosen the laces and drape over a hanger so that each half of the corset is hanging down either side allowing the air to circulate.
    • Small marks can be gently removed with a damp cloth.
    • Dry clean only!

We are happy to exchange or refund corsets purchased via our website within 28 days of their purchase. However, because of the intimate nature of this garment, we will only do so on the understanding that it is in re-saleable condition and has been tried on over a vest or similar slip to protect it from body moisture, etc.