Phyllis, Marjorie, Lady Verity and Reginald jump for joy at the prospect of Quiver's new blog page!

Welcome to our blog page, home to the mental meanderings of a host of Quiver characters:

• Mme Q (proprietor, matriarch, disciplinarian and amateur sex therapist)
• Lady Lilith (all-round sex goddess and professional sensualist)
• Lady Verity (high-maintenance Georgian mistress)
• Victorian servants Marjorie, Phyllis and Reginald (Lady V’s long-suffering house-keeper, maid and butler).

Whenever inspiration takes hold, their trials, tribulations, titillations, tall tales and trivial tittle-tattle will grace these pages, as well as occasional guest blogs from some additional characters!



Hello and welcome fellow Quiverites, acolytes, weirdos, beardos, perverts, extroverts, thinkers, drinkers and anyone else who has blessed me with their presence or presents.

So, this week has had some highs, some lows and some decidedly mediocre moments.

Highlights of the week:
Tuesday evening: Funny Girls cabaret show in Blackpool, starring the ever-resplendent DJ Zoe! Marjorie, Phyllis and Reginald (we had to have someone to hold our cloaks and fetch our drinks, darlings) accompanied Mme Q, the mysterious Lord de Misrule (new team member) and the ever-elegant Lady V for an evening of fun, frivolity and fish and chips. Nothing is too sophisticated for team Quiver!

Wednesday morning: Meeting with Manchester-based Headen & Quarmby – the manufacturer behind Kinky Knickers and other gorgeous British-made  lingerie brands – to discuss a couple of exciting new projects. (More on this soon!)

Wednesday afternoon: A delicious lunch and some poppyseed cake at my favourite delicatessen – the Barbakan Deli in Chorlton, Manchester.

Wednesday evening: Arrived home to find the new Quiver-mobile waiting on the driveway. (VERY exciting, but more on this later.)

Thursday: Met with the dashing Mr Damocles – Quiver member and master of all things spank – to discuss his delicious new range of bespoke, UK-made leather floggers.  We’re currently cooking up plans for an appropriately-themed event to introduce Mr D and his swanky spanky skills to the general public. Mr D the dashing debutante has a certain ring to it, n’est pas? A little afternoon coffee, cake and kink anyone? Watch this space!

Friday: Still attempting to master WordPress (yes, I know it’s easy but, as anyone who knows me will testify, I was born in 1872 so mastering modern technology takes me a little longer). Please bear with me as I get to grips with the new website – all (free) help gratefully received! Oi vay.

Regrettably, I had to make the decision to postpone the planned comedy night on the 22nd August due to unforeseen circumstances (long and tedious story). On the plus side, I’ve rescheduled it for 3rd October when we’ll all be badly in need of some laughs, no doubt!

Anyway, I now need to figure out how best to link this blog to Twitter. I’ll be referring to the 136-page WordPress guide then. Sighs. Wish me luck!

Love, Mme Q x

PS Any stalkers, hawkers, masters, slaves or sissies out there? Do feel free to harass me via email: mmeq@quivercompany.co.uk
I may or may not reply, depending on my mood.



Well hello there darlings. I have had SUCH a busy week! First, there was fine dining with Mme Q at her country residence over the weekend, masterfully catered by Lord de Misrule and assisted by my trusty manservant, Reginald, who I brought along to assist with silver service and pot washing. All that birthday cake eating and champagne quaffing is utterly exhausting!

Then on Monday, I decided to sneak away with the Lord for a day of adventure, mischief and naughtiness in – of all places – Bury St Edmunds! That town certainly has some fabulous hidden gems, loveable rogues and outright eccentrics. While supping a well-earned pint or two in the smallest pub in Britain (I don’t like to attract large crowds), with possibly the most devilishly debonair landlord I’ve ever had the pleasure of… meeting, shall we say… we also made the acquaintance of Sir Carr of Drumwell, a fine and dapper gent if ever there was one.

In the most gallant of acts, Sir Carr braved the driving rain and chill winds to guide the Lord and I safely through the streets of Bury to the residence of some dear, long-lost friends of my beloved mama. After an emotional reunion, LdM and I returned to toast this most serendipitous of occasions and to warmly thank Sir C.

On Tuesday, I took the coach and horses to the fine Georgian residence of Lady Evans, who happens to be a very fine writer and photographer, owner of Pavlova & Fox (her delightful Etsy shop selling all things French and fabulous) as well as a very dear friend and confidant. Over coffee and cigars we discussed exciting plans for a new bespoke boudoir photography service for both ladies and gents at the Quiver shop, which will be launched in October.

As I’m reclining here on the Quiver chaise, sipping my Earl Grey and nibbling on Turkish Delight, I’m also recalling the purchase (from the Quiver shop, of course!) of a beautiful new evening gown – an exquisite gift from the LdM – and just perfect for the 1930s-themed Quiver event we’re planning for next Spring! All I need now is a pearl necklace or two to complete the look. Now where can I find some…

The rest of the week has rushed by in a whirlwind of Battenberg cake, French Fancies and Sherry. Anyway, must dash – people to do, things to see and all that…

Yours a little smugly,

Lady V x



Praise be! Mme Q, Ladies Lilith and Verity together with Lord de Misrule are buggering off on a two-week jolly this weekend. In their infinite wisdom, they’ve chosen to leave us lesser mortals back in chilly Blighty, while they live It up in the bleedin’ sunshine. No surprises that Lady V has left Marjorie, Phyllis and my good self with a long list of tedious tasks to fill our days, of which scrubbing the roof tiles, polishing the fondant fancies and painting the inside of the toilet cisterns are merely a choice selection.

What she doesn’t know is that I’ve been talking to Sir Carr of Drumwell – local left-wing activist cunningly disguised as an affable member of the landed gentry – and he’s going to help me form a workers’ union with Margie and Phylly while the posh twats are away. More money, shorter working days and no more cake crumb sweeping are already on our list of demands, otherwise we strike! We’re going to call our union ‘Reggie’s Revolutionaries’. What do you reckon to that? Talk about the Tooting Popular Front…

TTFN. Reginald


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